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Our Teaching Philosophy

What We Do and How We Do It

Our teaching philosophy is derived from our dedication to student-centered learning and unique teaching methods:

  • Student-Centered Learning

    By challenging students at their individual level to create projects as unique as they are, we underscore the power of personalized learning. And with our 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio, students get the guidance they need to keep moving forward.

  • Unique Teaching Methods

    From the Socratic method to our signature Untutorials, our specialized curriculum and teaching methods are centered around asking questions that empower students to explore problems, discover solutions, and grow as thinkers, learners, and leaders.

Here’s What That Looks Like in Our Classrooms

Project-Based Learning

In our classrooms, students learn entirely through creating projects. Projects allow students to work at their own pace on building critical thinking and problem solving skills while simultaneously picking up the hard skills of coding. Students create games in Scratch, progress to websites in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as work in many other tools and languages depending on what keeps them both engaged and challenged. It is the job of our teachers to make sure that students find projects that are both engaging and challenging at the same time.

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Unlike virtually all other coding curriculums, The Coding Space doesn’t use follow-along instructions. Instead, we employ Untutorials: fun and engaging games, websites, or apps that students are challenged to figure out how to build. 

Untutorials list the high-level tasks students need to complete the project, but intentionally leave out how to accomplish those tasks. Students develop strong grit, determination, and problem-solving skills by figuring out the rest via tinkering, Googling, asking a friend, and iterating towards a solution, all while developing deep insights and intuition of high-level concepts.

Scrolling through Untutorial projects

Expert Mentorship

Fostering non-cognitive skills, like perseverance and intellectual self-confidence, is a delicate balance of targeted encouragement and tough love.

Our teachers are highly trained mentors that are skilled in knowing exactly how much help to give a student, when, and how often. Rather than simply giving hints or answers, The Coding Space instructors draw ideas from students through the use of the Socratic Method and model strategies on how they can find answers for themselves.

Instructor reviewing coding example on a white board in front of a kid.

Custom Curriculum and Resources

Our customized curriculum was created to inspire your child to achieve their maximum potential. This student-centered approach combines project-based learning with unique platforms like WoofJS to create a totally personalized education experience, allowing students to be challenged at their individual level and pace.

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