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About Us

How The Coding Space Got Started

Our story begins in 2015. Driven by a desire to make an impact in the lives of others, founders Eli Kariv and Steve Krouse launched The Coding Space—an afterschool program where students would learn how to tackle challenges independently through learning to code. They envisioned unconventional coding classes where students could control the pace of their learning while developing intellectual confidence, a growth mindset, self-expression, and computational thinking skills. Within the first two years, The Coding Space doubled in size, adding classes in multiple locations and schools around New York City as well as several full-time staff members.

In 2019, Private Prep, a leading test prep and tutoring company, acquired The Coding Space adding infrastructure support through human resources, technology, financial services, and more. As a part of the Corduroy Education Collective family of brands, The Coding Space continues to focus on what it does best: creating a student-centered environment where children are architects of their own learning, and coding helps make that possible.


    To help students learn to code through the development of computational thinking skills, intellectual confidence, self-expression, and the independence needed to grow as thinkers, learners, and leaders.


    That every student deserves opportunity, access, and to be celebrated for the differences that make them who they are. By empowering students to see every problem as an opportunity for growth, we can set them up for success in the classroom and beyond.

  • WE AIM

    To create a caring, inclusive, and challenging experience for all students, regardless of their age, skill level, or background, through superior curriculum, customized teaching methods, and ongoing investment in our expert teachers.

Our Guiding Principles and Pillars

Custom Curriculum and Resources

Our custom resources are created to inspire your child to achieve their maximum potential. The computational thinking skills and intellectual confidence we instill in our students is not only the means of learning to code; it’s the basis for a child’s curiosity and creativity. Our student-centered approach combines project-based learning with unique platforms like WoofJS and our proprietary Learning Management System to create a totally personalized education experience, allowing students to be challenged at their individual level and pace.

Experiential Excellence

We go above and beyond to ensure an engaging coding experience. From creating a positive, supportive, and collaborative learning environment in each class to small student-to-teacher ratios, we are invested in cultivating a space for growth, one which fosters curiosity, agency, and self-expression. Our team is made up of passionate experts who value making a personal connection with each student, supporting them through tough spots and celebrating their achievements along the way.


We believe in the intrinsic potential that lies within all of our students, as well as the power of coding to bring out the best in us. Our approach to coding education nurtures the skills young people need to power through adversity—from creativity to critical thinking—and tackle problems beyond the classroom. We teach lessons to last a lifetime.

At The Coding Space...

Every problem is an opportunity.

There are no fair advantages.

Different is better.

Growth is always possible.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas Edison

At The Coding Space, we view failure as one step closer to success. We offer a safe space that fosters freedom to take risks and make mistakes and within it a teaching methodology that values questions over answers and celebrates the feeling of being stuck. Coding is our medium of choice because it inherently teaches the beliefs, attitudes, and mental models for good learning, problem solving, and critical thinking. Every moment of frustration, every bug, every roadblock, is an opportunity to learn something new and develop confidence in one’s ability to tackle the next hurdle.

We promote the growth of every teacher, staff member, and student that enters our space in ways they most value. For our students, that means building a sense of community through collaboration and interaction that promotes their social and emotional development, fostering positive student-teacher relationships that meet the needs of each student at an individual level, and communicating progress, setbacks, and learning needs to best support them. For our teachers and staff, we advocate for their growth through providing professional development and training, including how to become better teachers and coders, and offering ongoing support and mentorship to help them along their individual journeys.