November 12, 2021

Celebrate Hour Of Code

Group of faceless teens on computers, tables, notebooks.

December is a warm and fuzzy time for us at The Coding Space because we get to celebrate one of our favorite traditions: Hour of Code!

Each year during Computer Science Education Week (this year, that’s December 6th -12th), computer science enthusiasts from all over the world join together in spreading the joy of coding near and far. Whether by bringing a coding class to nearby school, hosting a free event, or sharing helpful resources online, the week promises a multitude of opportunities to expose kids and students of all ages to the magical world of programming.

Why is this initiative so special? Because coding is that special. When we learn to code, we learn to think outside the box, to reach for ideas we don’t yet understand, to ignite what lies dormant in our infinite imaginations. As educators, there is nothing quite like seeing a student’s face light up when they code a character to dance across the screen or figure out a fix to a nagging programming problem. It’s what keeps us doing what we do, and it’s why we believe so strongly in making sure every student has access to its power. 

Interested in celebrating with us? Learn more here. We’ll be partnering with various schools and community centers in person and online to bring free Hour of Code events to them. Looking to do your own thing? Here is a trove of resources to get involved now. No matter what your plans are this December, we hope some of them involve coding!