August 06, 2021

Welcome to Fall Semester 2021

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We're back!

Dear Coding Space Family,

We are so thrilled to welcome you back in person this fall! With locations opening back up in New York on the Upper East Side (we’ve moved!), Park Slope, and Long Island and a new location in Westchester, we can’t wait to see new and old faces and code together once again. With experience running an in-person test class over the summer, we are confident in our COVID-19 safety measures to ensure the safety of our teachers and students as we reopen.

We’re also very excited to continue our virtual program. Having offered online classes all year, we’re proud of the program we’ve created and its multitude of benefits. Utilizing Zoom’s multiple screen sharing feature, our online teachers have up-close access to every line our students code like never before. Paired with carefully designed hands-on-activities that promote social interaction and learning in new ways, our online classes truly offer a robust alternative to in-person, with the convenience of coding from home.

Additionally, we’re delighted to introduce Intermediate classes this fall. Since The Coding Space started, we’ve divided classes into Beginner and Advanced, knowing full-well that there is tremendous progress that happens in between. By offering an Intermediate option, we’ll be giving our parents deeper insight into where our students are in their coding journeys and teachers a closer view of the milestones our students have reached.

With new features added to our online learning platform, engaging hands-on activities, and captivating challenges to boot, we are more than ready to bring our students premium education, ignite their curiosity, and facilitate their joy in learning this school year. 

Have a great rest of your summer, and we’ll see you in September!

Sincerely, ​

Maddy Carter
Managing Director

Scott Levenson​
​Managing Partner