February 09, 2022

Meet Aspen!

Aspen and her family!

We are over the moon about our extraordinary new Program Director, Aspen Meineke! As Program Director, Aspen manages class organization, spearheads teacher mentorship, and facilitates new community partnerships. Not only is Aspen a fierce advocate for educational equity and a warm, supportive educator, she’s also a dog-loving Swiftie who brings a wealth of experience as a STEM content creator and educational consultant to our TCS family.

Where are you from? 
AM: San Antonio, Texas. Home of the Alamo, Tex Mex food, and the San Antonio Spurs!

Where do you live now?
AM: Manhattan, right in the heart of New York City.

Any pets?
AM: I have a 1.5 year old Blue Heeler who loves going to the park and playing in the snow! 

Favorite food?
AM: Nachos, hands down! I’m from Texas, so anything with queso.

Karaoke song of choice?
AM: “Our Song” by Taylor Swift

Before working at TCS, what was the most unusual job you had?
AM: It’s a tie. Once, I worked in a biochemistry lab at a medical school that was two stories underground, down the hall from where they kept cadavers. I also used to be a competitive figure skater! 

What drew you to TCS? 
AM: How the program welcomes any student who wants to learn coding, whether they are experienced or just getting started. Computer programming classes aren’t always available in schools — but if we want to set students up for success, all students need to understand coding. 

What is your favorite part of working at TCS? 
AM: The people! Everyone is so passionate about creating the best possible programming for our students. And, of course, I love working with the students and witnessing their “lightbulb” moments.

Why coding? What experience do you have with coding/why do you like it? 
AM: I took my very first coding class in high school, where I remember programming “Hello World!” for the first time. I later went on to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Robotics. I like coding for its versatility. You can use code to control a robot, to create self-driving cars or apps — the possibilities are endless! 

Who is your computer programming or STEM idol?
AM: I really look up to Emily Calandrelli! She is one of the few female science TV-show hosts, demonstrating that there’s no one way to be a STEM professional.

To learn more about Aspen, check out the Our Team page on our website!