August 01, 2023

5 Reasons to Supplement Your Child’s Education with Coding

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Coding + school = a match made in Heaven

With the fall semester looming, you might be tempted to shelve supplemental activities so that your child (and you!) can focus on school. And while it’s absolutely true that over-scheduled kids are rarely happy campers, we believe that an after-school coding is the perfect supplement to your child’s education – supporting and enriching their academic lives, rather than overwhelming them. Keep reading for 5 ways that coding will help your child stay focused, motivated, energetic, and confident this school year.

1. Coding shows your child that they can be a creator, not just a consumer

In school, lots of kids struggle to stay engaged in part because they are positioned as passive consumers of knowledge. This mindset can lead studies to develop to apathy or even resentment towards their studies. But through regular coding practice where they create instead of simply consume knowledge, kids will understand that they don’t have to approach learning in this passive way – they can be energetic equal partners in their own learning.

2. Coding supports math principles & computational thinking

Students who struggle in math might actually have the potential to be razor-sharp computational thinkers – they just might need a slightly different approach. In a regular math classroom, surrounded by peers who may perceive their math abilities as static, these students might continue to feel “stuck”. But an after-school coding class presents the perfect opportunity for students who have internalized that they’re “bad at math” to rebuild their computational confidence and practice logical thinking skills.

3. Coding supports writing skills

On the other hand, some students have difficulty writing essays – lacking individual attention in their English classes, they may feel bewildered by the demands of grammar, structure, and argument. But in a coding class, more STEM-oriented students can practice the same skills required for effective writing in a left-brained way: they’ll become better self-editors, learn to organize their thoughts, practice explaining complex ideas simply, and learn how to adhere to a style guide.

4. Coding is a safe place to fail

Students of all ages are under enormous pressure at school, and with that pressure can come a paralyzing fear of failure that limits their academic abilities and makes them tentative in the classroom. A regular coding class, though, offers students a fun, motivating, and creative opportunity to learn how to move through the inevitable setbacks of programming.

5. Coding bolsters communication skills

Because computers can only understand direct, simple instructions, tinkering with code naturally develops a child’s ability to express themselves clearly & concisely. This is a great skill for kids to build as they take on the increasing academic and organizational demands of middle & high school.

With the school year right around the corner, our fall coding classes are filling up quickly. Secure your child’s spot today!