August 02, 2022

Partner Spotlight: HoodCode


An interview with Jason Gibson, founder of HoodCode!

The Coding Space is honored to partner with Hood Code, a program that offers free coding classes to youth living in NYC public housing. Since our initial partnership in 2019, we have provided teachers, shared our training materials, and offered access to our top-tier curriculum to support Hood Code’s mission. Keep reading to learn more about Jason Gibson, founder of HoodCode, and the necessary work that Hood Code undertakes to empower marginalized youth to improve their families’ socioeconomic legacy.


  1. Favorite snack? UTZ hot potato chips.
  2. Favorite place in the world? The Southwest United States.
  3. Who would play you in the movie of your life? Tristan Wilds, from the WIRE.
  4. Secret talent? Great skeet shooter.


TCS: How did you get the idea for HoodCode?

JG: I grew up in NYCHA myself. I’m also formerly incarcerated; during my incarceration, I started reading about the tech industry and app development. And what kept coming up in every story was that these creators of big tech companies always had access to tech at a young age. I started thinking about the lack of opportunity, resources, and information in my larger environment that had led me down my own path. Eventually, I came up with the idea of HoodCode as a way to give young kids who grew up like I did early access to this kind of education, this kind of knowledge, and this kind of opportunity in a growing industry. I believe that this field can change a child’s socioeconomic legacy — even their family’s legacy.

TCS: What is your vision for the future of HoodCode?

JG: I want HoodCode to be available in each and every NYCHA location, and there are 302 NYCHA complexes throughout the city. I don’t want families to have to travel; I want the service to be available in the community. These days, coding is like reading – growing up without coding skills is like growing up without knowing how to read!

TCS: Why did you want to partner with The Coding Space?

JG: During my research for a Hood Code curriculum, The Coding Space stood out as a program for kids that aligned with my vision and whose teaching methodology fit the challenge I wanted to bring to NYCHA kids. TCS has been instrumental in helping HoodCode function – they trained teachers, gave us equipment, and really rolled out the red carpet.


TCS: What has surprised you most about working in coding with kids?

JG: I’ve been most surprised by our kids' willingness to challenge themselves to grow and desire to work on harder and harder projects. 

TCS: What inspires you about your work at HoodCode?

JG: My lived experiences have led me to develop a personal sense of responsibility to NYCHA youth. Working in NYCHA complexes makes me hopeful that our kids will have better opportunities to succeed academically and professionally. 

TCS: What advice do you have for kids just starting out on their coding journeys?

JG: Collaborate and have fun!