September 01, 2022

What Coding Level Is My Child Ready For?

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At The Coding Space, we are committed to providing our young coders with an education closely tailored to their skill & experience levels to ensure that each and every coding superhero is challenged without getting discouraged. Whether your child is new to coding or already building their own games and websites, our coding classes will promote their growth within a safe, supportive environment! You let us know where they are; we’ll get them where they want to go. Scan through our offerings at each experience level below.

Young Beginner Code

Young Beginner Code is built specifically for ages 6-8. If your young coder has no coding experience, we’ll likely start them out in, a platform that introduces them to key concepts such as sequence, events, and loops; or ScratchJr, a precursor to Scratch, MIT’s introductory language designed for children. If your child has experience in Scratch already, we’ll likely start them there. Young Beginner classes are 90 minutes and include an offline activity to allow students to take a step back from the screen and reinforce concepts in a different way.

Browse our Young Beginner classes here.

Beginner Code

Beginner Code welcomes all students between ages 8-14. While no experience is required, it’s likely that some students will come into class already having coded in Scratch, or another language. Our self-paced, project-based curriculum is designed specifically for mixed level classrooms; we’ll assess where students are in their coding journey on day one and find just the right spot for them to be challenged and engaged. Beginner students are ready for our Intermediate class when they’ve coded a project similar in complexity to this Typing Game.

Browse our Beginner classes here.

Intermediate Code

Also open to ages 8-14, Intermediate Code is designed for students who are coding complex projects in Scratch and soon ready to move on to WoofJS, our JavaScript learning platform. WoofJS was built by The Coding Space to help students transition from block-based programming to text-based languages, where they’ll learn syntax, functions, and how to read documentation. When students are ready for our Advanced class, they’ll have coded a project of a similar complexity to Flappy Bird Game

Browse our Intermediate classes here.

Advanced Code

In our Advanced class, students ages 8-14 code increasingly complex projects in WoofJS, and when they’re ready, start programming in a web-based environment. They’ll learn HTML & CSS and build their JavaScript skills to make projects that can run in any web browser. Maybe they’ll build a to-do list or make a quiz! As students get more familiar with JavaScript, they’ll switch into self-directed learning mode where they can try out other languages including Python to see what engages them most.

Browse our Advanced classes here.

Teen Code

Teen Code is for ages 14-18. It covers Beginner to Advanced material in a setting that is suited for a more mature age group. We’re putting the finishing touches on our course offerings and would love to hear what works best for your child’s busy schedule.

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Private Lessons

In addition to group classes at our locations, we offer private lessons in your home or online that fit into your busy schedule. You’ll receive a lesson summary after every class, and we’ll find a teacher that suits your child best.

Contact us for private lessons.