September 01, 2022

5 Best Typing Apps for Kids

Typing apps for kids

Game-ify this critical skill and speed your child’s learning

Computers, laptops, and tablets are being introduced in schools at a younger and younger age – and with that change, it’s becoming more and more important that young kids learn how to type! Fortunately, typing is not just some boring utilitarian skill: learning to type can help younger kids learn the alphabet, can help older kids tackle their schoolwork with more confidence, and improves communication skills all around.

And apart from the many general benefits of learning to type, typing is an absolutely critical skill when it comes to coding! It’s hard to engage with a programming language if you struggle to use a keyboard. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite apps that teach the skill of typing to kids, broken down by age range.

Keyboarding Zoo

Ages: 3-5

In Keyboarding Zoo, little typers meet colorful animals who help them learn the basics. This game focuses on mastering the task of typing with index fingers as well as reinforcing the connection between letter names and the sounds they make.

Animal Typing

Ages: 4-6

Animal Typing is a little like Keyboarding Zoo, but with the added element of pace: as they gradually improve their typing speed, players move up through the ranks of speedier animals, from snail to rabbit to horse and more. The app also rewards accuracy, so typers have to be precise — not just fast!

Typing Rocket

Ages: 6-8

Up up and away! In this game, players are faced with rockets that gradually arrive more quickly and in greater numbers – the goal of the game is to type the letter that appears on each rocket to make it explode into fireworks.

Owl Planes Typing

Ages: 8-10

Another racing game for the typing speed demons! In Owl Planes Typing, kids will dive into a multiplayer racing game in which typing speed and accuracy determine how fast your little owl flies.

Epistory Typing Chronicles

Ages: 12-14

This one is perfect for kids & teens who love adventure stories. Epistory Typing Chronicles takes place in a world “where everything is to be written”, and players serve as a muse for a writer who needs inspiration. Kids will solve puzzles, unlock magic powers, and battle enemies, all while building their typing skills.

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