October 01, 2022

Coding + Chess = Double Trouble

Young chess players gathered around a table learning to code

Our fall alliance with Chess at Three

Pop quiz: what activity builds critical thinking skills, intellectual confidence, and independence? If you answered CODING, you're correct! If you answered CHESS, you're also correct!

 We’ve joined forces with Chess at Three, an organization that teaches chess strategy through storytelling, to inspire a love of logic & creativity in kids from all over NYC. In September, we traveled just blocks away to their location on 5th Avenue and taught introductory coding to their young chess wizards. We're looking forward to next month, when the good folks at Chess at 3 will come teach chess to our young coders at our Park Slope location!

Scroll down for photos of this exciting crossover event. And give your child a head-start this fall by signing up for coding or chess in Park Slope and the Upper East Side!