November 01, 2022

6 Thanksgiving STEM Activities

Kids coding in fall-themed room

Don’t be a turkey – try these giving-season STEM experiments for kids!

Take advantage of the season with a healthy dose of Fall and Thanksgiving themed STEM festivity! If you’re looking for innovative ways to keep learning alive during your Thanksgiving break, plus add a little fun, then keep reading.

Dancing Corn

Ages: 4-8

With a few ingredients from your kitchen, you can make corn dance in a magical chemistry experiment.

Iroquois Wampum Coding

Ages: 4-10

Teach the basics of coding with the help of Indigenous techniques! In this coding activity, kids use beads to represent letters of the alphabet and create coded messages.

Cranberry Structures

Ages: 4-8

Before you turn those cranberries into sauce, try this engineering challenge with your kids first.

Solubility Turkeys

Ages: 4-8

With coffee filters, clothespins, and a few basic craft supplies, not only will you have adorable decorative turkeys – you’ll also be giving your child a lesson in solubility!

Sweet Potato Clock

Ages: 9-13

A giving-season twist on a classic at-home STEM experiment! Learn about electrochemistry and alternative power.

Cranberry Invisible Ink

Ages: 3-16

Who knew cranberries could make your tummy AND your mind happy? Use extra cranberry sauce to craft invisible ink. Is it magic? Nope! It’s just science.

PS. When Thanksgiving break comes to a close, don’t forget to keep the STEM fun rolling by signing up for one of our fall coding classes.