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Challenge: Protect Our Planet

Coding truly is a superpower. It can help make us safer, more sustainable, and more equitable. Used for good, it can truly help us create a better world for everyone.

This year's Code 4 Change Challenge asks our coders to use their powers to help protect our planet. Drawing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, coders will tap into their innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness to develop creative, tech-based solutions.

Follow our instructions here to research, plan, and create. When you're ready, submit your project below. Projects are due by June 7, 2024!

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Learn More About C4C: Protect Our Planet

Coders of all skill levels are encouraged to sign up. This event is free and open to the general public and kids of all ages.

This year, we're asking kids to choose a Sustainable Development Goal from the list below to brainstorm solutions for protecting our planet:

SDG #2: Zero Hunger

SDG #6: Clean Water and Sanitation

SDG #12: Responsible Consumption

SDG #13: Climate Action

SDG #14: Life Below Water

SDG #15: Life on Land

They will then create a project, game, or presentation of their choice using a programming language like Scratch, WoofJS, or another to propose a solution to this issue. We recommend that coders include clear visuals, easy-to-follow instructions, simple rules, and an approachable pace.

Code 4 Change: Protect Our Planet is happening right now! Submit your project anytime until June 7, 2024 to have your project featured on our website and social and receive a special Code 4 Change Challenge certificate. For every participant, we'll donate $1 to The Nature Conservancy! (Up to $250)

This challenge is entirely virtual, so kids can participate wherever they have access to a computer and the internet. We are also holding an in-person workshop on Monday, May 13th at our Upper East Side, NYC location. You can RSVP here!

It’s no secret that coding is becoming a critical skill for success. With the world rapidly growing more tech-focused and data-driven, the importance of coding and other digital literacy skills will only increase. However, we at The Coding Space believe that coding is more than just a tool for individual advancement — instead, we focus on the intersection of coding and community service, bolstered by the belief that coding can be a tool for positive social change. Through Code 4 Change, we aim to support a new generation of global leaders working at the intersection of technology and social impact.

That’s why we’re empowering our students to put their ideas into action. Whether it’s on a local or global level, kids will have the chance to program prototypes of their creative solutions to real issues facing our world.

Head to this link for instructions on how to get started and submit your work!

We encourage you to explore the Sustainable Development Goals with your children and to engage in conversations with them about what those goals are trying to address. Check out this resource about discussing SDGs with kids, and think about what goals they may already have a passion for or might like to know more about.

Coders of all ages and skill levels are invited to participate, both inside and outside of our classes. Participants can work individually or in teams. Participation is free and open to all.

Wondering what's possible? Here are a few sample project designs created by previous Code 4 Change participants.


The Clean Water For All project teaches how to care for our oceans through proper recycling.
View Project


In this WoofJS game, players drag debris to different sorting bins to save the beavers.
View Project


All participants in our Code 4 Change Challenge will be featured on our website and social media and receive a special Code 4 Change Certificate. For every participant, we will donate $1 to The Nature Conservancy (up to $250).

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