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Our Curriculum

The Coding Space Journey

Our customized curriculum was created to inspire your child to achieve their maximum potential through multiple years of coding with us.

Our student-centered approach combines project-based learning with unique platforms like WoofJS to create a personalized education experience, allowing students to be challenged at their individual level and pace.

The cornerstone of our curriculum begins with Scratch, a block-based programming language built by MIT. Students ages 6-8 will take a few pre-cursor classes to prepare them for Scratch's open-ended platform and post-Scratch students will learn in WoofJS, a platform we build to transition students out of block-based programming to learn JavaScript. Once students are ready, they'll graduate to programing in a full web environment, learning HTML and CSS while building up their JavaScript skills.

After completing our web curriculum, students move into self-directed learning where they can tackle other languages and platforms such as Python or Java.

Typical Journey for a Coding Space student:

  • 1
  • Grade 2 - Young Beginner or Beginner
  • Grade 3 - Beginner or Intermediate
  • Grade 4 - Beginner or Intermediate
  • Grade 5 - Intermediate or Advanced
  • Grade 6 - Intermediate or Advanced
  • Grade 7 - Advanced
  • Grade 8 - Teen Code

The Coding Space Journey