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Partner With The Coding Space

Looking for a way to bring The Coding Space to your school or organization? You’ve come to the right place. We’re passionate about partnering with organizations to help kids develop critical thinking skills, confidence, and self-expression through coding education. Our class and camp partnerships range from full, interactive semesters to personalized private lessons and customized group events. From fun hands-on activities to cool STEM explorations and coding challenges, these classes and workshops are fun, educational, and a great way to engage families within your organization.

Every Partnership Event is…

  • Customizable with dates and times that suit your schedule

  • Appropriate for kids of all skill levels

  • Designed to support learning with our small student-to-teacher ratios

  • Staffed by professional, engaging, and highly trained instructors

Schools and Organizations We’ve Worked With

Schools and Orgs We Work With


We currently partner with a variety of schools to bring project-based coding classes in both after-school and in-school formats. All of our teachers go through intensive training on the use of the Socratic Method, the ins and outs of our Scratch- and JavaScript-based coding curriculum, and classroom techniques that foster an environment conducive to learning at all paces and styles.

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Whether your school has a robust STEM program or would like to start introducing STEM to the student body, we have an option to suit your needs.

  • Host an event for your student body during the school day to celebrate a STEM holiday such as Hour of Code or Women in Tech Week or Code 4 Change. This is a great first step to expose your students to coding.
  • PTA Give Back Program serves as a PTA fundraiser and connects students with opportunities to code during school breaks.
  • Host an in-school or after-school class for students to more fully explore their interest in coding and take their skills to the next level.

Community Partnerships

We are committed members of our communities and partner with a range of organizations including community centers, PTAs, and nonprofits to bring our custom coding classes to the public.


Corporate Partnerships

We believe that everyone has a right to equitable education in a safe and inclusive learning environment and are committed to increasing access to our high-quality coding programs through corporate partnerships so that underrepresented children everywhere can surpass societal limitations and thrive. Our long-term goal as we work towards educational equity is to reach 50 percent of our students through scholarships and corporate partnerships.

Curious to see our partnerships in action? Check out a recent partnership with TradeZero to provide free coding classes to a Title I school in Brooklyn.

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Camp Partnerships

We have a proven track record of successfully partnering with day and summer camps. From an in-person STEM corner at your day camp to a virtual coding elective at sleepaway camp, we’re here to provide campers with a special summer of coding fun.

Special Events

From Bring Your Child to Work Day and Girl Scout Troop events, to birthday parties or parent-child coding events, our workshops and mini camps are totally customizable and suited for any event where your child wants to have fun and learn something, too.

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