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Experience Level

Experience Levels

Whether your child is new to coding or already building their own websites, our classes will promote their growth within a safe, supportive environment. By challenging students at their individual level to create projects as unique as they are, we underscore the power of personalized learning. 

While our classes are tailored to each of the four experience levels below, our student-centered approach creates a totally personalized education experience, allowing students to be challenged at their individual level and pace. No matter where they’ve started, we’re here to help them get where they want to go. 

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Young Beginner Code

Ages 6-8, co-ed

For young and first-time coders, we focus on fostering a welcoming and creative learning environment where students will develop a fluency with technology, and start forming crucial computational thinking patterns as they piece together their first lines of code. Students learn through specially curated activities in and advance into building animations and games in Scratch, a block-based programming language developed by MIT.

Beginner Code

Ages 8-14, co-ed

In our Beginner course, we use Scratch challenge projects as our core curriculum. By starting in Scratch, a block-based coding language, we skip over the small syntactic details of text-based languages and cut directly to the difficult part of coding: formulating one’s ideas into a logical sequence of steps. Students can jump into this class with no prior programming knowledge and in just a few hours build a foundational understanding of core computer science concepts through building games and animations. As they progress through this course, they’ll continue to learn essential programming constructs and develop a computational thought process that will prepare them for more advanced material.


Ages 8-14, co-ed

In our Intermediate course, students will create advanced projects in Scratch, a block-based coding language and move onto text-based programming in WoofJS, our JavaScript learning platform. WoofJS was developed by The Coding Space to allow students to leverage their existing Scratch knowledge and transition naturally into using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make web-based projects. Students should come in with an advanced understanding of Scratch.

Advanced Code

Ages 8-14, co-ed

In our Advanced course, students will learn JavaScript, the language of the web, through creating advanced projects in WoofJS, our JavaScript learning platform, and web-based games, animations, and applications in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. As students grow their skills, they’ll rely less and less on our curricular guide rails and move towards self-directed learning where they’ll work with front-end and back-end technologies, experimenting with new languages and platforms to bring their ideas to fruition. Students should come in with experience in JavaScript or other text-based languages.

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