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Girl Scouts Program

Girl Scouts Workshops

Gather the Troops

Our Girl Scouts Program empowers kids to take STEM by storm. Available in person and online, these inclusive workshops introduce programming skills and fascinating STEM subjects. Workshops consist of a warm-up activity, project-based learning, and reflection, and conclude with a special badge ceremony.

These 90-minute workshops are ideal for ages 6-17.

Girl Scout Program

Your Girl Scout will...

  • Build grit, a growth mindset, intellectual confidence, and problem-solving skills.
  • Be challenged at their individual level.
  • Feel supported in an engaging and inclusive environment that encourages collaboration.
  • Earn a Girl Scout STEM badge, such as Computer Expert, Coding for Good, or Cybersecurity.
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Girl Scout Badge Options

Girl Scout Badges

Not Your Typical Coding Class

At The Coding Space, we specialize in providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for kids to have fun, be challenged, and discover their passions. Our teachers never lecture; instead, they ask targeted questions using the Socratic Method to get students thinking and problem solving on their own. By focusing on the development of computational thinking skills, intellectual confidence, self-expression, and independence, our students learn to code while growing as thinkers, learners, and leaders.

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