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Seasonal Programs

Spring, Summer, or Fall, the Coding Continues!

Our spring, summer, and fall classes bring students together each week to make progress on individual projects, dive into hands-on activities, and explore opportunities for self-expression. By challenging students at their individual level to create projects as unique as they are, we underscore the power of personalized learning. And with our small student-to-teacher ratio, students get the guidance they need to keep moving forward. Keep reading to learn more about ongoing semester learning.

Why Choose a Semester Class?

Our experience working with students of all ages and skill levels has shown us the importance of allowing and encouraging time to tinker, iterate, and create. By meeting weekly, our seasonal programs help students establish a foundation on which they can build, grow, and develop new skills.

Your child will...

  • Learn to code!
  • Be challenged at their individual level
  • Build grit, a growth mindset, and computational thinking skills
  • Discover and define their personal passions
  • Make new friends near and far
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What to Expect

What’s Class Like?

Whether your child is joining us in one of our coding spaces or from the comfort of their couch, our classes combine project-based coding with Socratic-based teaching and individualized attention. Here’s what your child can expect from our seasonal classes:

  • Project-Based Coding

    We challenge our students to create projects as unique as they are. Students receive individualized attention and curriculum customization through experienced teachers and small student-to-teacher ratio. Using the Socratic method, our teachers ask questions aimed at helping students discover their own solutions to problems. Whether your child is new to coding or already building their own websites and projects, our classes allow students to progress through our curriculum at the pace that’s right for them.

  • Hands-On Activities

    Students have options to take a break from their screens and discover the opportunities to create and explore that exist all around them. These opportunities support cognitive, emotional, and social development, allowing students to grow in fun new ways.

  • Weekly Challenges & Reflection

    Each week, students are challenged to learn new programming techniques and stretch their minds in fresh, interesting ways. Each class ends with a reflection on the day's work, lessons learned, and future goals.

Ready to Register?

Where Should My Child Start?

Our classes are offered for every skill level. Not sure where your child should begin? Visit our Experience Levels page to learn more.

Where Should My Child Start?

Scholarships Available

We believe that everyone has a right to equitable education in a safe and inclusive learning environment and are committed to increasing access to our high-quality coding programs.