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Coding Camp for Kids

Camp Coding Space

Learn to Code in Our Immersive Camps

Our in-person summer camp is back and better than ever! Held Monday through Friday throughout the summer on the Upper East Side in NYC and Park Slope, Brooklyn, our camps combine project-based coding, STEM exploration, team-building activities, exciting field trips, and more to create an unforgettable summer experience.

Kids sitting around a table coding

Not Your Typical Coding Camp

At The Coding Space, we specialize in providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for kids to have fun, be challenged, and discover their passions. Our teachers never lecture; instead, they ask targeted questions using the Socratic Method to get students thinking and problem solving on their own. By focusing on the development of computational thinking skills, intellectual confidence, self-expression, and independence, our students learn to code while growing as thinkers, learners, and leaders.

Kids working on on a computer in a group

Girls learning in a group with computers

A Day at Camp Coding Space

TCS camp schedule

  • Warm Up Activities

    We'll kick-off each day with fun new ways of getting to know each other through activities like Theme Day or Cool Hidden Talents.

  • Project-Based Coding

    We challenge our students to create projects as unique as they are. Students receive individualized attention and curriculum customization through experienced teachers and a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Using the Socratic method, our teachers ask questions aimed at helping students discover their own solutions to problems. Whether your child is new to coding or already building their own websites and projects, students progress through our curriculum at the pace that’s right for them.

  • Hands-On Activities

    Time to stretch, express, and play. Students take a break from their screens and discover the opportunities to create and explore that exist all around them. Centered in the world of STEAM, these activities range from short story writing and yoga to cryptography and science experiments, and much more. These opportunities support cognitive, emotional, and social development, allowing students to grow in new ways.

  • STEM Challenges

    Campers will build their engineering grit and teamwork skills by collaborating on daily STEM challenges, like building the strongest bridge or tallest tower, making a light blink in Arduino, inventing a Rube Goldberg machine to solve a problem, and more!

  • Field Trips

    During each two-week session, campers go on field trips to nearby tech companies. Past field trips have included trips to Google, Etsy, and Microsoft.* *Please note: Field trips are available on Weeks 2, 4, 6, & 8. Trips are subject to change based on CDC recommendations relating to COVID-19. Field trip schedules are expected to be released in April.

  • Reflection

    Each class ends with a reflection on the day's work, lessons learned, and future goals.

Coders Who Care

At The Coding Space, we are passionate about creating a space for campers to dream big and see how technology can be a tool for changing the world.

One of our key programs is the Code for Change Challenge. Each summer, campers learn about one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and work on developing a technology solution to tackle this global issue.

This summer campers will have the opportunity to build projects around an SDG they'd like to tackle and present it to the camp at the end of the week.

UN sustainability goals

Don't Miss a Special Two Weeks of GirlCode!

Why all girls camp?

Only 20% of tech jobs are held by women.

Male dominated coding classes could be an intimidating way to start learning to code.

By creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for girls to learn to code, we can help change the gender gap in tech.

Two girl camp coders smiling at a computer

 Scholarships Available

We believe that everyone has a right to equitable education in a safe and inclusive learning environment and are committed to increasing access to our high quality coding programs. Our scholarship program accounts for 25 percent of the students we teach. Our long-term goal as we work towards educational equity is to reach 50 percent of our students through at-cost and pro-bono services.

What Families Are Saying About The Coding Space

My son loved every minute of camp. The counselors were super fun, patient, and the program was smart and engaging. The camp also does a tech pre-check the day before to ensure the best experience.

Kerri, NYC

The Coding Space is fun to me because they let me make up my own ideas, have fun doing the activities, and then share! It's a place with a message of fun to me.

Ellery, Brooklyn

I was impressed by how much one-on-one feedback James received. I really liked the fact that the camp counselors didn't tell him what to do, but rather encouraged him to problem solve on his own.

Tricia, NYC

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