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Coding Career Spotlight: Cybersecurity Engineer

December 01, 2022

Black Mirror. War Games. Ocean’s 8. The Imitation Game. Cybersecurity is all over Hollywood — and understandably so, because it’s a downright thrilling field. But cybersecurity doesn’t just happen in movies. It’s also a fast-moving and ever-growing professional sector in the real world! WHAT IS A CYBERSECURITY ENGINEER? Cybersecurity engineers — sometimes called information security engineers…

Coding Career Spotlight: Race Engineer

November 01, 2022

If you’ve ever watched a NASCAR race on TV, you’ve seen race engineers hard at work. You know, the guys who huddle around screens trackside, with serious expressions and massive headphones? They are the Spock to the race car driver’s Kirk, the left-brains behind the whole gutsy operation. If you love coding, and you ALSO love spark plugs and showrooms, you might have a bright future as a race…

6 Thanksgiving STEM Activities

November 01, 2022

Take advantage of the season with a healthy dose of Fall and Thanksgiving themed STEM festivity! If you’re looking for innovative ways to keep learning alive during your Thanksgiving break, plus add a little fun, then keep reading.