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Coding + Chess = Double Trouble

October 01, 2022

This July, we took a group of lucky TCS campers to Samsung 837, an experiential tech wonderland in the Meatpacking District featuring a living lab, a VR tunnel, digital art installations, and three floors of dynamic, immersive programming powered by state-of-the-art technology. We started the day with a tour of the space, where we saw all of Samsung’s latest gadgets (including Dusty the Cleanly…

Turning Hobbies Into STEM Careers

October 01, 2022

Here’s some good news to boost your week: in a tech-driven era, interests and hobbies that seem like play can actually lead to stellar tech career prospects. Your kid’s favorite YouTube channel, TikTok trend, or video game could spark their interest in a lucrative career in e-commerce, streaming, gaming, e-sports, and a plethora of other exciting fields. Below, we’ve collected just a few of the…

Coding Career Spotlight: Technical Writer

October 01, 2022

At The Coding Space, we champion a coding education not just for the computational literacy it offers but for the broad range of complementary skills it fosters – and chief among these critical skills is writing & communication. Writers who understand programming are a perfect fit for the field of technical writing! WHAT IS A TECHNICAL WRITER? A technical writer is a professional writer who can…

STEM Halloween Activities

October 01, 2022

Halloween is a perfect time of year for kids to embrace their inner mad scientists. Check out these ten ideas for ways to fill your home or classroom with skeletal, creepy-crawly, ghastly and ghoulish STEM fun.

How to Inspire a Love of STEM in High Schoolers

October 01, 2022

Children are natural scientists – full of curiosity and wonder about the world around them. But often in the teenage years, this natural interest can diminish as teenagers begin to think of science as boring, confusing or difficult. Don’t panic: we promise that your kid’s thirst for learning is intact. They probably just feel bored or unchallenged by their school STEM classes! Here are five ways…

What Coding Level Is My Child Ready For?

September 01, 2022

At The Coding Space, we are committed to providing our young coders with an education closely tailored to their skill & experience levels to ensure that each and every coding superhero is challenged without getting discouraged. Whether your child is new to coding or already building their own games and websites, our coding classes will promote their growth within a safe, supportive environment…