April 27, 2023

Explore Google HQ with Camp Coding Space!

The Coding Space campers at Google HQ

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The Coding Space is thrilled to announce our field trips to Google this summer as part of our summer camp. Taking place on Thursday, June 29th and Thursday, August 10th, the field trips will include:

Every summer The Coding Space offers unique opportunities to visit tech spaces to experience new technology, meet experts in the field, view unique workspaces, and gain exposure to what it’s like to work in the industry. We’re thrilled to offer a trip to Google as part of our amazing line-up of activities. In addition to field trips, our camp days include project-based coding, outdoor fun, and a whole host of STEM activities through our Lift-Off Lab where campers will have the opportunity to explore robotics, circuitry, animation, 3D modeling, and more. 

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