September 27, 2023

Recapping Summer 2023: Tech-Packed Fun at The Coding Space!

Summer camp field trip to Google

The summer of 2023 at The Coding Space was a blast! From June to August, young tech enthusiasts gathered to dive into the world of coding and STEM.

Summer may be over and fall classes underway, but we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the fun we had at camp this past summer and the incredible campers who joined us each week.

Each morning campers tackled projects in Scratch, JavaScript, Python, and more, showing off their creativity, grit, and dedication.

Coding Space Camper Coding a Project

In the afternoons, our hub of engineering and STEM excitement—The Lift Off Lab—buzzed with activity. Campers eagerly tackled STEM challenges, delving into the realms of robotics and engineering. They constructed alarm devices, designed autonomous vehicles, and prototyped Mars hovercrafts.

Coding Space Campers Building a Self-Driving Car

On top of these challenges, we added a dash of outdoor adventure, ensuring a well-rounded and invigorating camp experience.

Accessibility name

But we didn't stop at the camp. Field trips to Google, Etsy, Hungryroot, and Samsung gave campers a taste of the real tech world.

Coding Space Field Trip to Google

And for the high schoolers, we introduced The Coding Space Academy, a thrilling two-week program that concluded with a spectacular capstone project showcase.

The Coding Space Academy in Central Park

Big thanks to all the kids, families, and counselors who made this summer memorable. We're already looking forward to next year for more coding fun!

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