November 28, 2023

Code the Future at The Coding Space

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Registration for Spring 2023 is now open!

Dear Families,

In a world where AI and technological advancements are not just making headlines but reshaping our everyday lives, we face a pivotal choice - to be mere spectators of the digital revolution or to actively engage and harness its vast potential. At The Coding Space, we are committed to empowering our students to choose the latter, equipping them with not just the tools but the reason and judgment to use those tools responsibly. 

Understanding and mastering AI, along with other complex technological subjects, begins with a strong foundational knowledge. This is precisely what we cultivate at The Coding Space. Our classrooms are vibrant hubs of critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. Through engaging projects in Scratch, WoofJS, or Web Development, we not only teach programming fundamentals but also encourage students to think independently and confidently. Our dedicated teachers guide students on their individual journeys, prompting them with thought-provoking questions and encouraging them to explore and discover solutions on their own.

This spring, The Coding Space is excited to enhance our curriculum with a new Python module for advanced learners. After mastering Scratch and WoofJS in our beginner and intermediate courses, students can progress to Python in the Advanced class. This addition is particularly significant given Python's extensive application in AI and data science – fields that are shaping our future. The curriculum will include algorithms, data handling, and leveraging AI tools for code analysis and research.  Consistent with our ethos of encouraging independent problem-solving, we see these AI tools as a streamlined approach to online research. (Details on our AI tools policy are available here.)

We invite you to join us this spring for an enriching journey into the world of computing. Let's prepare our children not just to be navigators but leaders in the digital age.

Get ready to code the future at The Coding Space!


Maddy Carter

Managing Director
The Coding Space