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The Coding Space Academy

Welcome to The Coding Space Academy

The Coding Space Academy is a two-week in-person coding intensive for rising 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. In this brand new rigorous pre-college program, coding novices and experienced programmers alike will pick up the hard skills of coding, dive into the professional and collegiate world of computer science, test their limits, make friends, and be treated like the young adults that they are — all in an immersive boot camp setting.

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Program Features:

  • Personalized mentor-facilitated training

    High schoolers will meet with their designated mentor multiple times each week to set goals and review their progress. Our expert coding mentors are trained to give young coders the individualized tools they need to achieve their educational and project-specific goals.

  • Project playlists

    Mentors will guide students through increasingly challenging coding projects to continuously build their skills over time. With these personalized “project playlists”, students will advance from simple tasks to complex projects that require multiple days of focused effort.

  • Daily reflections

    For 15 minutes at the end of each day, TCS Academy coders will reflect on their progress, their setbacks, and their goals in their journals. This dedicated time for self-reflection is critical for students to grow in confidence, skill, and self-awareness.

  • Workshops & guest speaker

    By interacting with working STEM professionals through workshops and Q&As, high schoolers will develop real-life skills and tricks of the trade in fields like cybersecurity, electrical engineering, and app design.

  • Community-building events

    Through team lunches, game nights, and collaborative office hours, TCS Academy coders will build a community of like-minded code lovers.

  • Capstone project

    Students’ work will culminate in a final coding capstone project that is presented to fellow high schoolers and parents on Demo Day.

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Not Your Typical Coding Camp

At The Coding Space, we specialize in providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for kids to have fun, be challenged, and discover their passions. Our teachers never lecture; instead, they ask targeted questions using the Socratic Method to get students thinking and problem solving on their own. By focusing on the development of computational thinking skills, intellectual confidence, self-expression, and independence, our students learn to code while growing as thinkers, learners, and leaders.

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Scholarships Available

We believe that everyone has a right to equitable education in a safe and inclusive learning environment and are committed to increasing access to our high-quality coding programs.

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