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5 Sci Fi Authoresses Who Made The Universe More Magical

January 01, 2023

Did you know that the creator of the cell phone—Martin Cooper—says he got the idea from Star Trek? Or that the inventor of the helicopter cites science fiction author and legend Jules Verne as his inspiration? Many iconic works of science fiction have influenced the STEM world by inspiring the development of then-futuristic tech that we now take for granted. STEM researchers today still use ideas…

CSEdWeek Project Roundup

December 07, 2022

This year, the second week of December is Computer Science Education Week — an annual call to action to inspire students to learn computer science and advocate for STEM equity! We're celebrating by doing a round-up of our coders' favorite projects, coded in Scratch, WoofJS, CodePen, and more. Scroll down to see what our coders have been dreaming up in our classes!

Our STEM Holiday Gift Guide

December 01, 2022

Anyone who has ever watched a toddler methodically take apart a Tupperware drawer should know that many children are natural-born engineers. As parents, teachers, and caretakers, we get to nurture their creativity — and clean up the mess afterward. Wrap up a few of these STEM toys for your future scientist to craft, tinker with, dismantle, or program. Hopefully, they'll thank you for the early…

3 Ways That Computer Science Has Powered Innovation In Other Fields

December 01, 2022

Happy Computer Science Education Week! This year’s theme is #CSEverywhere, honoring the impact of computer science in a boggling array of industries, career paths, subjects, and everyday activities. In honor of #CSEdWeek 2022, we’ve gathered 3 surprising ways that computer science has catalyzed innovation EVERYWHERE.

Coding Career Spotlight: Cybersecurity Engineer

December 01, 2022

Black Mirror. War Games. Ocean’s 8. The Imitation Game. Cybersecurity is all over Hollywood — and understandably so, because it’s a downright thrilling field. But cybersecurity doesn’t just happen in movies. It’s also a fast-moving and ever-growing professional sector in the real world! WHAT IS A CYBERSECURITY ENGINEER? Cybersecurity engineers — sometimes called information security engineers…

Coding Career Spotlight: Race Engineer

November 01, 2022

If you’ve ever watched a NASCAR race on TV, you’ve seen race engineers hard at work. You know, the guys who huddle around screens trackside, with serious expressions and massive headphones? They are the Spock to the race car driver’s Kirk, the left-brains behind the whole gutsy operation. If you love coding, and you ALSO love spark plugs and showrooms, you might have a bright future as a race…