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Welcome to Spring Semester 2022

December 08, 2021

This spring we’re looking forward to opening a new space on the Upper East Side (details coming soon!), as well as continuing our programs in Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester, and Online. Here’s a taste of what else is happening here at The Coding Space: We’re partnering with new schools to bring our coding program to them (interested in bringing our program to your school? Learn more here) We…

The Top Computers For Young Coders: Our 2021 Laptop Picks

December 01, 2021

When buying a laptop, generally there's a trade-off between the following characteristics: Price Size/Weight Durability Computing Power (Performance) Battery Life The good news is that no matter which characteristics are important to you, there's an option that will be great for coding. Here are some recommendations based on these varying priorities:

Don’t Know Much About: The Coding Space Scholarship Program

November 16, 2021

From schools moving to remote or hybrid learning environments to families losing jobs and income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a year full of challenges. Here at The Coding Space, we’re committed to offering support to families and students in need through our scholarship program. With the season of giving just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment and highlight how…

Celebrate Hour Of Code

November 12, 2021

Each year during Computer Science Education Week (this year, that’s December 6th -12th), computer science enthusiasts from all over the world join together in spreading the joy of coding near and far. Whether by bringing a coding class to nearby school, hosting a free event, or sharing helpful resources online, the week promises a multitude of opportunities to expose kids and students of all ages…

Give a Growth Mindset: Coding Gifts For All Ages

November 12, 2021

Coding Toys for Younger Kids Bitsbox: For kids 10 and under, there are many games and toys that help them understand the building blocks of computer programming. For example, Bitsbox delivers a physical box to your home every month containing a kit of projects, and then your young child can login to Bitsbox’s online platform to program their own version of these projects. The apps are selected…

Happy National STEM Day

November 09, 2021

1. Learn about the Artemis program Artemis is NASA's program to get the first woman and first person of color on the moon by 2024. Spend an afternoon exploring the massive coding tasks necessary for a galactic mission!. 2. Create your own Google logoBring your own Google doodle to life using code! Head on over to the CS First website, where you can use simple coding languages to program each…