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How to Inspire a Love of STEM in High Schoolers

October 01, 2022

Children are natural scientists – full of curiosity and wonder about the world around them. But often in the teenage years, this natural interest can diminish as teenagers begin to think of science as boring, confusing or difficult. Don’t panic: we promise that your kid’s thirst for learning is intact. They probably just feel bored or unchallenged by their school STEM classes! Here are five ways…

What Coding Level Is My Child Ready For?

September 01, 2022

At The Coding Space, we are committed to providing our young coders with an education closely tailored to their skill & experience levels to ensure that each and every coding superhero is challenged without getting discouraged. Whether your child is new to coding or already building their own games and websites, our coding classes will promote their growth within a safe, supportive environment…

5 Best Typing Apps for Kids

September 01, 2022

Computers, laptops, and tablets are being introduced in schools at a younger and younger age – and with that change, it’s becoming more and more important that young kids learn how to type! Fortunately, typing is not just some boring utilitarian skill: learning to type can help younger kids learn the alphabet, can help older kids tackle their schoolwork with more confidence, and improves…

5 Rainy Day Activities for Kids & Teens

September 01, 2022

When school’s out for the day, kids still have energy to burn! And that can be fine when your kid can tire themselves out running around outside, but what about when rain keeps everyone cooped up inside? At The Coding Space, we’d like to frame this challenge as an opportunity: an opportunity for some STEM-centered fun! With a few STEM-focused ideas in your back pocket, the hours between school and…

Coding Career Spotlight: Video Game Developer

September 01, 2022

Game development is one of the most sought-after fields for coders entering the professional market – which makes perfect sense! Who wouldn’t want to make a living testing video games and creating playable realities? If you love games AND coding, a career in video game development could be immensely rewarding for you. WHAT IS A VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER? The type of work you do as a game developer will…

4 Tech Inventions by Hispanic Innovators

September 01, 2022

From your home office to the NICU, the innovations of Hispanic inventors make your life healthier and more convenient every day! To celebrate the contributions of Hispanics to the global technological landscape, we’ve put together a few of our favorite inventions by Hispanics tech wizards.