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Your Computer, Demystified

September 01, 2022

If you’re not that enamored by technical jargon (and let’s be honest: who is?), you probably refer to all of the discrete parts that comprise the glowing machine on your desk as simply “the computer”. Each magical, buzzing, clicking, whooshing tecno-innard gets grouped indiscriminately under that umbrella term. And for the most part, that’s totally great! But sometimes – when something in your…

Fall 2022 Coding Mini-Camps

September 01, 2022

With the start of the fall semester come three-day weekends, school holidays, and school breaks. Sometimes, those days off from school can be a welcome respite from relentless academic pressure – but more often than not, kids barely make it halfway through the day before they admit, “I’m bored.” So why not bust those boredom blues by spending those occasional days off at The Coding Space? The…

Coding Career Spotlight: Technical Writer

August 23, 2022

At The Coding Space, we champion a coding education not just for the computational literacy it offers but for the broad range of complementary skills it fosters – and chief among these critical skills is writing & communication. Writers who understand programming are a perfect fit for the field of technical writing! WHAT IS A TECHNICAL WRITER? A technical writer is a professional writer who can…

Partner Spotlight: HoodCode

August 02, 2022

The Coding Space is honored to partner with Hood Code, a program that offers free coding classes to youth living in NYC public housing. Since our initial partnership in 2019, we have provided teachers, shared our training materials, and offered access to our top-tier curriculum to support Hood Code’s mission. Keep reading to learn more about Jason Gibson, founder of HoodCode, and the necessary…

Reading: A Novel Approach to Code

August 02, 2022

The myriad benefits of reading have been trumpeted far and wide, and rightly so! Reading transports us to new worlds, introduces us to new people, and offers us new insights about ourselves and the world. But here at The Coding Space, we’re getting even more specific. Here are three science-backed reasons why coders should spend some quality time with their noses in books.

5 Reasons to Supplement Your Child’s Education with Coding

August 01, 2022

With the fall semester looming, you might be tempted to shelve supplemental activities so that your child (and you!) can focus on school. And while it’s absolutely true that over-scheduled kids are rarely happy campers, we believe that an after-school coding is the perfect supplement to your child’s education – supporting and enriching their academic lives, rather than overwhelming them. Keep…